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Our economy needs resilient organisations and leaders

Sympatico and Oslo-based Ardoq are co-hosting an industry networking event on 14th August in Edinburgh, with expert panellists from The University of Edinburgh and Aedile Consulting, to look at how businesses, leaders and public bodies in Scotland are managing complex risks and adapting to regulatory disruption just three months into the implementation of the GDPR.

In our data-driven economy where cyber incidents and data breaches have become the norm, we will look at how Scottish-based organisations of all sizes can build the right technical and organisational capability to sustain compliance and competitive advantage in the face of adversity and dynamic brand threats. 

“Enterprises are quickly realising that ongoing compliance requires a fundamental change to how privacy and data protection is integrated into the business itself, not viewed as a sideline periodic audit project. With maintenance budgets for GDPR exceeding initial budgets, and set to grow further in future, technology business unit leaders responsible for compliance are increasingly looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to address regulatory complexities.”

(Petteri Vainikka, CMO Ardoq)

The event will be a chance to discuss to explore the challenges and opportunities for Scotland’s growing digital economy. During the presentations, expert panel debate and networking sessions, we’ll look how we drive collaboration across the sector and within organisations to embed privacy risk management into the Digital, IT, Marketing and Operational functions.

“It’s about being objective about your business and ensuring you understand the types of digital risks you will face in 2018 and what’s relevant: sticking your head in the sand is not an option. Take a step back, work back from the worst case scenario and think about the capability you need to build today to bounce back tomorrow. Think about what resilience means for the type of organisation you are, the people you employ, your services, your outlook on the future, how you communicate, and what technology choices you make today. Organisational disconnects, indecision and a lack of planning and agility are the enemies of successfully handling the maelstrom of a brand crisis in our hyper-connected world.”

(Sorcha Lorimer, Sympatico)

We will consider how best to support new and established Scottish organisations to prepare and respond in the event of a crisis or business disruption. And we’ll explore what capabilities Scottish businesses and leaders really need to manage the risks while harnessing the opportunities, and what resilience really means for an organisations’ accountability, brand and reputation, customer trust, culture, IT capability, and ability to change and innovate. 

“Understanding what constitutes an acceptable level of resilience in cyber security is a real issue. The security industry has been historically poor at providing actionable, prioritised actions and overly relies on large, unwieldy standards such as ISO27001 and NIST for assurance. We urgently need to make cyber more accessible, tangible and clearer in terms of minimum standard. To do this, security needs to be better embedded across a business.” 

(Nic Miller, Aedile).

The event is all about bringing together and sharing perspectives and experience, and we will have leaders and decision makers from the technology start up space, Scotland’s public and private sectors in attendance. The goal is to drive greater collaboration as we seek to tackle big global issues (cyber threats, digitisation, technology, regulation and culture) which impact on businesses and organisations of all sizes locally and globally, and span multiple subject domains.