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Sympatico is part of Trace Data; find out about Data Governance on demand and sign up to get early access to our software. We empower and protect your business through expert General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance assurance, privacy risk management, digital and data strategy, training, events, and software. Sympatico use compliance as a positive frame to uncover innovative digital strategies, optimise your data governance and strengthen your trusted and resilient brand. We believe that compliance doesn't have to be stuffy or limiting; it's independent data protection and digital consultancy, done differently.

Whether you need ad hoc GDPR advice, article 30 documentation creation, team training, digital strategy or access to our smart compliance data software, choosing Sympatico as your compliance partner and digital advisor offers you:




Edinburgh and North Berwick-based; serving clients all over the UK. Also available for global projects and consultancy.


You managed to make GDPR fun.
— Helen, MD. Sympatico client

Compliance, Data & Digital services 

compliance assurance & DIGITAL strategy

We offer a full suite of GDPR compliance services and assurance, including: GDPR gap analysis, privacy risk diagnostics, audits, GDPR implementation plans, Data Processing Agreement (DPA) validation, policy authoring, and expert digital and data consultancy. Our approach is bespoke, personal and flexible: we like to understand your business and partner with you to uncover and mitigate risks, as well as spot opportunities. 

intelligent Data management on demand

With our Software as a Service, Trace, you can protect, visualise and find your company’s personal data, automate GDPR compliance documentation and stay on top of privacy risk. Trace gives you easy data discovery, audits and reporting when you need it. It’s integrated information management from one secure cloud platform, on demand. Find out more about how our platform complements good professional services and sign up for early access now.

training & expert events 

Sympatico deliver GDPR compliance and data breach response workshops, and we organise expert industry events and PR for select clients. Our Masterclasses are focussed leaders and our in-house Resilience or Compliance training is perfect for a team. Sympatico's events are informative, relevant and engaging: we bring complex regulation and digital strategies to life and decode it for the real world, to build more resilient organisations. 

The output is always professional and our results have been well above expectations.
— Marcus, CEO. Sympatico client


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