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DPO Masterclass Maintain your GDPR Compliance

  • Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue 16 Saint Mary's Street Edinburgh EH1 1SU (map)

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Masterclass: Maintain and Sustain GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May this year; the complex regulation has far ranging impacts when it comes to how you manage your patient data to comply with the law. It's critical to ensure you have the right capability in place when it comes to your operations and the DPO role:

This DPO Masterclass is designed for dental, medical and business professionals who need understand how to set up and manage a pragmatic compliance programme, the conditions for special category data and understand the DPO's responsibilities, and how to uphold them. We will also look for the opportunities brought by regulatory disruption: how can you use a compliance framework to optimise how you run your practice and operations.

The workshop will deliver practical guidance and expert consultancy; your expert trainer, Sorcha Lorimer, the Independent DPO, will share her expertise and experience, and show you how to create a simple risk-based frameworkwhich breaks down the complex tasks for your practice, including Article 30 compliance.

What you will learn

  • An update on the key principles of GDPR, related Data Protection regulation, and concepts like Privacy by Design: what they really mean for the dental and health industry and how you can practically apply them
  • How can you manage your reputation, risk and liability
  • How to create and maintain your GDPR folder: your data audit, your privacy policies and more: what's in yours so far? What's missing and how do you create and maintain them?
  • Understanding the DPO role in depth and responsibilities, and how to uphold them as a dental or health care provider
  • Roles and responsibilities: who is the Data Subject, Data Controller and Data Processor in your organisation? Learn how to build your data map
  • How to assess and address any compliance gaps and mitigate privacy risks
  • Data breaches: how to plan for them, report them & respond; how to liaise with the regulator
  • How to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment and tackle gaps
  • How to uphold Data Subjects' rights for patients
  • How to communicate about privacy to build an internal culture which upholds Data Protection, and externally to build your trusted brand, making privacy the hero of your brand and marketing
  • What capability do you need to sustain compliance and how do you built that

Who should attend

  • Newly or soon to be appointed Data Protection Officers (DPOs) who need a framework for compliance or to augment their current knowledge and training
  • Dentists, pharmasists, health care professionals and optometrists who need DPO support
  • Practice managers
  • Business owners and those responsible for compliance. (Note, while we will focus on considerations for dental and medical professionals, our compliance and DPO frameworks can be applied to all industries)
  • Accountants and IFAa; businesses processing high risk data

Overview of our agenda on the day

  • Module 1: Data regulation essentials & in context: GDPR in the real world and a deep dive on the DPO role
  • Module 2: GDPR impacts for your industry; a focus on special category patient and high risk data
  • Module 3: The DPO's compliance framework: how to comply & build compliance capability
  • Module 4: Road-test your compliance: we'll test and validate your compliance and look at your breach response, security and compliance capability
  • Module 5: Opportunities & strategies: the link between compliance and patient focus, the alignment to digital optimisation

How you will benefit

  • Understand practical steps to take now and what to do next; we will build your framework, documents and programme
  • Understand the DPO roles and responsibilities
  • Share perspectives with the group and benefit from expert advice from your trainer; validate your compliance approach so far and seek improvements
  • Leave with toolkits, templates and techniques to power your GDPR documentation obligations.

About your course leader

Your Masterclass will be taught by Sorcha Lorimer, an independent DPO at Sympatico Consulting, a qualified privacy risk management expert, experienced facilitator, digital strategist and marketer, project manager and communicator; this experience helps her understand how the regulation really impacts a company's marketing, IT, cyber security and operations. Sorcha is a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Comments from recent GDPR Masterclasses and in house training

  • "Excellently planned day, which was enjoyable as it was useful"
  • "Engaging and professional"
  • "Very informative"
  • Made a "very dry and overwhelming area interesting and manageable"
  • Sorcha "made it fun”.

What's included?

  • A full day Masterclass packed with interactive exercises
  • Your course material
  • All refreshments and a delicious buffet lunch on the day
  • A certificate upon completion (of Masterclass completion; this course is designed to complement and augment experience and skills)
  • You will receive key templates to use back at your business: your data audit, your plan and more
  • Access to a pre-consultative call  once you have booked